Thursday, January 19, 2012

Double Wedding Ring.....

Well, I started the Double Wedding Ring...for Karyn.  I used Accuquilt GO! to cut the pieces and have started putting the blocks together.  I wish the piecing looked more accurate.  I've checked and re-checked my 1/4" seam but for some reason the arches seem too full.  I hesitate to take them in more because I'm confident Accuquilt cuts them correctly.  Anyway...checkem out....would really appreciate your hints....

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quilting Slump....

Well, don't know why but I'm in a quilting slump.  Haven't been able to quilt anything since Christmas.  I did some "sewing" yesterday and thought it would get me moving in that direction but not.  I have a wedding coming in the spring and need to make a quilt but it's a friend of my husband and he is suggesting a double wedding ring.  LOL  We shall see.  Wish me luck. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Had a great evening......

Well, we had a great pot-luck dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the company last night.  I think there were 10 of us and great food....a couple wonderful casseroles (thanks to Barb) and some great desserts!  WOW!  CHEESECAKE!  Then, after eating, the gals sorted through my latest donation of BIG box and two big bags.....scraps but a lot of yardage.  Made a small dent in my stash.  LOL.  Now....maybe I need to go shopping to replenish my supplies.  LOL  Anyway, HAPPY QUILTING!!!! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celebrating Another Year of Making Quilts for Heroes...

Well, getting ready for tomorrow nights party.  Made pulled beef, pulled chicken, meatballs and red velvet cupcakes so far.  Tomorrow afternoon I'm making augratin potatoes.  Packed the car with two big boxes of fabric to donate.  Hope the quilters find new inspiration in those boxes.  :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just a few of the quilts we are working on....


Quilts for Heroes is a 501c3 organization comprising of quilters
dedicated to making quilts to honor and comfort
American heroes.  Throughout history, even back to the Civil War,
quilts have been presented to soldiers
as a way to comfort and thank them for their service.

Our quilters have been working since Spring 2005 making and presenting quilts
to over 600 wounded military who served in the Middle East.
Many of our quilters either come from military families or
spent years working for the Civil Service, helping our Troops behind the scenes.

I invite you to check back often to see progress we are making on various quilts
and to suggest heroes in your neighborhoods who may be
eligible to receive one of our quilt
if you are a quilter too,
we happily accept either fabrics, supplies or quilt donations
which are tax deductible.